Gold Australian Ocean Opal Tie Clip

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Gold Australian Ocean Opal Tie Clip

Formed in areas of Ironstone, opals are created when the host rock (Ironstone) forms with/as part of the opal when the gem is formed in cracks/voids within the host rock. The resulting opal is often a thin vein laid on (natural) the Ironstone.

Opal is sourced from areas in Western Queensland, which are cut to incorporate the brown host Ironstone and are valuable due to their high demand. Around Andamooka in South Australia, where the host rock is quartz which is lighter in colour.

  • Material:18k Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel
  • Opal:Genuine Australian Opal
  • Opal Type:Doublet Opal Mosaic
  • Origin:Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia
  • Stone Size:41*6mm
  • Stone Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
Size = x mm (W x H)