Watch Winder Box for 2+3 Watches in Black

This mechanical box keeps your automatic watches wound and ready to wear. This box has a capacity for 2 watches on a winding rotor and storage space for an additional 3 watches.

  • It is powered by the included power cable (100-240V)  and you can control the 4 winding programs using the knob control.
  • This can also be powered by 2 x D size batteries.
  • Pillow Size: 55*62*39mm
  • Dimensions: 20.5x26.5x22cm OR 8.07x10.43x8.66 in (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 4.12kg 

    This box has four pre-programmed rotation modes that accommodate most automatic watches and allow you to easily set up and use the watch winder:

    1. Clockwise 1100 TPD (turns per day) - Turns 3 minutes clockwise and then rests for 28 minutes, then repeats.

    2. Counter-clockwise 1100 TPD - Turns 3 minutes counter-clockwise and then rests for 28 minutes, then repeats.

    3. Bi-Directional 1100 TPD (recommended setting for most watches) - Turns 3 minutes clockwise and rests for 28 minutes then turns 3 minutes counter-clockwise and rests for 28 minutes, then repeats.

    4. Quick charge Bi-Directional 2200 TPD - turns clockwise for 10 minutes then turns counter-clockwise for 10 minutes. This cycle will continue for 1 hour then will rest for 4 hours, then repeats.

Has a tempered glass window and Super quiet Premium Japanese Motor, with a 3-year warranty. These are perfect for the bedside or in the wardrobe and make an excellent gift for the watch enthusiast. 

Size = x mm (W x H)