Vanguard Watch Winder Safe Box

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The safe-box is made of solid steel. The door has 2 locking bolts, hidden hinges and is equipped with a digital lock. The large armored glass provides a prefect display of your luxury watch collection. The door can be opened with an included keycard or by entering a security code. If two-stage access mode is on, the security code must be entered before the door can be opened with a keycard.

The safe has a built-in alarm system. The alarm is disarmed automatically, if the safe is opened in the usual way. Built-in motion sensor activates the siren if somebody tries to move the safe. The digital lock and the alarm system are battery powered. The batteries are installed behind the door. The alarm can't be deactivated by disconnecting the AC power supply.

Three watch winding directions are available: clockwise, counterclockwise and bi-directional (mixed). In mixed mode, the rotor rotates clockwise and counterclockwise alternately.

The safe has 2 multi-purpose compartments on the right side.

Watch winder rotors can be programmed to operate independently. You can set an individual program for each rotor depending on the watch model you place into it.

LED interior light is activated by the touch control panel. LCD display makes the setup process simple.

  • Body material: Steel;
  • Exterior finish: Faux leather;
  • Interior lining: Faux leather;
  • Maximum watch case diameter: 2.3 inches (60 mm);
  • Turns-Per-Day range: 650 to 1950 TPD;
  • AC power adapter included (100-240V, 50-60Hz).
  • Motion sensor;
  • Digital security lock;
  • 2 multi-purpose compartments;
  • LED interior light;
  • 12 independently programmed winder rotors;
  • Soft polyurethane watch holders;
  • 3 winding directions;
  • 15 winding programs;
  • LCD display with touch control;
Size = x mm (W x H)