The Original Cufflink Strap by Jack Straps (holds 12 pairs)

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Presenting the Original Cufflink Strap by Jack Straps.

- Made from 2 sensuous strips of high quality Cow leather, it feels Magnificent in your hands. Hand crafted in Melbourne.

- Strengthening Stitching around the edge, to give it the strength of an angry bear

- Holds 12 pairs of cufflinks, on purpose!

- A front folding clasp, to show you that it means business…

- And a simple but elegant hanger, made from Stainless Steel and cut with Laser Beams!

The Australian made, manufactured and designed Jack Straps “Cufflink Strap” is designed for hanging your cufflinks in a convenient location, which will save you time and space.


- 53.5cm long (may vary, not including the hook).

- 6.5cm width at the bottom; tapers to 5cm at the top.

- Without the hook it will strap onto any clothes hanging poles up to 8.5cm in circumference.

- Using the stainless steel hook, the strap can be hung on any modern clothes pole - or in any hanging place..

According to the Manufacturer:

The Cufflink Strap will make your ENTIRE LIFE better by ensuring your cufflinks are kept safe, readily available and in a neat order. Forgo the chaos and uncertainty of your jewellery / cufflink box, take back the space on your dresser, and start using a Jack Straps Cufflink Strap today!

Included benefits are:

• Hang your Cufflink Strap in any convenient place or location for maximum effectiveness – Science recommends a place close to your shirts, and where cufflinks will stay organised and undamaged.

• Clip Cufflinks into it as you normally would into the cuffs of your best shirt.

• It’s ideal for travelling – just hang the cufflink strap up inside your jacket bag, roll it up and put it in your bag, or wear it as a tie!

• It’s also great for well-groomed people that ride, walk or run to work and keep shirts and cufflinks inside a locker – no longer shall you have cufflinks falling into shoes, onto the floor, or into the bottom of the ocean.

• Keep your cufflinks and watch together for added convenience with the addition of a watch clip (selected products only).

• With the Stainless Steel Cufflink Strap Hanger you can hang it up in almost any place you can imagine!

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