P38 Lightening Aircraft Cufflinks

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Perfect for the Air Show! Certainly not a "plane" addition to any sleeve!! Inspired by the iconic P-38 Lightning fighter plane, these cufflinks capture the essence of aviation history and sophistication. Each pair is carefully designed with intricate detailing, making them a perfect accessory for aviation enthusiasts, veterans, or anyone with an appreciation for classic aircraft.

Whether worn for special occasions or as a daily statement piece, these P38 Lightning Aircraft Cufflinks are a timeless symbol of your passion for aviation. They can be worn on ANY dress shirt with Shirt Cuff Adapters.

Comes presented in a stylish gift box, ready for gifting.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 27mm x 22mm x 5mm (approx.)

Weight per cufflink: approx. 6g (light)

Size = x mm (W x H)