Jack Straps 6 pair Cufflink Strap

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If you are looking for an innovative way to store your cufflinks, look no further than the Jack Straps cufflink stap. Designed to hang in your wardrobe, this strap hold 6 pairs of cufflinks and is made in Australia from real leather. Comes with a stainless steel hook.

- Fits 6 pairs of cufflinks.
- Made from 2 separate strips of genuine solid upholstery leather.
- 53.5 cm long (aprox.)
- 6.5 cm width at the bottom and tapers to 5 cm at the top.
- Will fit clothes hanging poles that are up to 8.5 cm in circumference.
- Comes with a hanging hook that is made from Stainless steel.
- Australian Made, Owned and Invented.

Size = x mm (W x H)