Hallmarked Silver Squares 14mm (Small)

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Following many requests for Engravable Cufflinks, we have specially imported these plain Hallmarked Silver Cufflinks, which can be engraved to suit any taste. These Cufflinks are handcrafted in England and Hallmarked to guarantee their quality.

The face of these lovely cufflinks are completely flat and perfect for engraving.

Please be sure that 14mm is the correct size cufflink for your needs? We usually recommend these for pageboys at weddings, etc. If this is for an adult, you may find them too small when you receive them.

We recommend measuring a 14mm square on the corner of a piece of paper and cutting it out to get an indication of the size.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 14mm x 14mm x 3mm (approx.)

Weight per cufflink: approx. 6g (light)

Size = x mm (W x H)