Yarra Watch Winder for 6 Watches + Drawer with Fingerprint Lock

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VERSATILE - The Yarra Watch Winder for 6 Watches is compatible with almost all automatic watches, including those from brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Panerai, Hublot, and Richard Mille. The motors are at a safe distance to avoid magnetisation.

STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY: Use your fingerprint to lock and unlock the winder to prevent unwanted access. Up to 5 fingerprints can be stored.

PERFECT PRESENTATION:  The rotors come to rest at the starting position after each winding cycle for a better display of your watches, known as 12 O’clock stop which makes sure your timepieces are displayed perfectly.

SAFE:  Like our other collection of watch winders, Yarra Watch Winder for 6 Watches are equipped with a safety program that ensures that they can never over-wind a timepiece.

ELEGANT DESIGN:  Watch winder with a high-gloss finish and stylish wood insets will fit perfectly in any interior.

CONVENIENT: Individually programmed rotors and 5 winding programs to meet all existing winding requirements. You can set the number of Turns-Per-Day from 650 / 750 / 850 /1000 / 1950.

FITS ALL WATCHES: Telescopic watch holders fit any bracelet and strap sizes and can be used for men’s as well as women’s watches. 

EASY USE & SETUP: An LCD display with touch control makes the setup process simple. An electronic controller counts every turn of the watch to maintain SOPHISTICATED WINDING PRECISION.

INTERIOR BACKLIGHT: Your watches will look especially beautiful in the dark.

REMOTE CONTROL: Easily adjust the programs and turn the light on/off without opening the door.

STORAGE DRAWER for watches and jewellery.

CAPACITY: Six winding rotors for 6 watches + 1 Drawer

Dimensions: 30.5x22.5x52.5cm. OR 12.01x8.86x20.67in. (LxWxH)
Weight: 9.32kg

The wrist size of the watch cushion is 17 CM -22 CM

Our winder cushions are designed to fit 95% of watch sizes. If you find your watch too small to fit, you could try leaving the clasp open. If you find your watch too large to fit comfortably, use fabric/foam inserts to pad the back of the watch.

Size = x mm (W x H)