Banana Cufflinks

Let’s go bananas! These cufflinks in the shape of a perfect banana are a great way to both, add a fun twist and a touch of colour to a rather strict outfit. Let it be your favourite fruit, or because you are a fan of Pop Art, or simply for the fun. Each cufflink features a miniature banana design, meticulously crafted to capture the fruit's natural curvature and texture. The vibrant yellow enamel finish adds a pop of color and personality to any ensemble. 

These cufflinks can be worn on a French cuffed shirt or on ANY dress shirt using our Shirt Cuff Adapters. Comes in a blue stylish gift box.

Dimensions: 16.5x 25x9mm  (WxHxD) (approx.)
Weight per cufflink: approx. 5g (light)

Size = x mm (W x H)