Bamboo/Black Watch Winder Box for 2 Watches

This automatic Aluminium watch winder box keeps your automatic watches wound and ready to wear. This box has the capacity for two watches.

  • Dimensions: 25x24x25cm OR 9.84x9.45x9.84in (LxWxH)
  • Weight:2.25kg
  • Control the winding programs using the kob
  • Door Lock: prevents unwanted access
  • Super quiet Premium Japanese motor 
  • Clockwise, Counterclockwise or Alternating
  • High Gloss Piano finish
  • Material: High-quality timber
  • Exterior: wood + acrylic window
  • Interior: Aluminum alloy
  • Power supply: using the included AC/DC adaptor
  • Watches are not included

Please note: If your watch doesn't wind itself from wrist motion, it cannot be wound by an automatic watch winder. Watch winders are not compatible with Seiko Kinetic Watches because their watch mechanism is different from the traditional one.

A watch winder is a device with an electrical motor that will automatically wind your watch when you are not wearing it. Automatic watches have a limited power reserve, so if you stop wearing them and winding them up, they will run down in two or three days. The reserve depends on the watch brand and on the movement (calibre) used. When your timepiece stops, you must reset time and wind up your watch. If it has additional functions (like date, moon-phase display, perpetual calendar), resetting them may take a lot of time and require certain skills. With an automatic watch winder, you can keep your timepiece wound and ready to wear!

This box has four pre-programmed rotation modes that accommodate most automatic watches and allow you to easily set up and use the watch winder:

1. Clockwise 1100 TPD (turns per day) - Turns 3 minutes clockwise and then rests for 28 minutes, then repeats.

2. Counter-clockwise 1100 TPD - Turns 3 minutes counter-clockwise and then rests for 28 minutes, then repeats.

3. Bi-Directional 1100 TPD (recommended setting for most watches) - Turns 3 minutes clockwise and rests for 28 minutes then turns 3 minutes counter-clockwise and rests for 28 minutes, then repeats.

4. Quick charge Bi-Directional 2200 TPD - turns clockwise for 10 minutes then turns counter-clockwise for 10 minutes. This cycle will continue for 1 hour then will rest for 4 hours, then repeats.

Size = x mm (W x H)